I agree with Mr. Hashmi and he is absolutely correct. We should accept the realities which ultimately demands the establishment of immediate diplomatic relations with Israel. Although some Pakistanis are quoting brotherly relations with Arab world. But the ground realities are very different mostly the arab misbehave with Pakistani workers in Middle East and some times they are very rude intolerable.
Secondly, I would quote the so-called booming image of India. This is all because of Israel support, who suggested the multinational companies to invest there and in this way given a chance to India to make some claims. Besides, I would quote the territorial dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan, wherein also Israel told US not to support Armenia against Azerbiajan.
While when it comes to emotional exploitation of our so-called champions of Islam, for the last 5 decades there is complete contrast in their words and actions. In fast they are the one to exploit the innocent feelings of general masses and misguide them about international relations and lobbying.
When we talk about Middle East peace, everybody know that this is not a religious issue this is only a political  issued which could be settled only through political means and dialogues.      

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