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Friday, 20 April 2012

नेपाल से... मधेशी जनाधिकार फोरम सहित सात दल एक जगह - नये मधेशी मोर्चे का निर्माण

From Nepal......

मधेशी जनाधिकार फोरम सहित सात दल एक जगह - नये मधेशी मोर्चे का निर्माण
            मधेशी जनाधिकार फोरम के साथ छः जनजाति-आदिवासी दलों ने यह निर्णय लिया कि वे पहचान विहीन संघियता, संघियता विहीन संविधान, आत्मनिर्णय के अधिकार और स्वायतता विहीन प्रदेश कि रचना मान्य नहीं करेंगे।
        म० ज० फोरम, ताम्सालिंग , नेपाल राष्ट्रिय दल, संघीय लोकतांत्रिक राष्ट्रिय मंच, राष्ट्रिय जनमुक्ति पार्टी, जनमुक्ति पार्टी नेपाल,नेवाः राष्ट्रिय पार्टी और नेपाल नागरिक पार्टी ने एक मोर्चा का निर्माण कर यह चेतावनी दे डाली है कि तिन बड़े राजनैतिक दल पहचान के साथ संघीय राज्य का निर्माण नहीं करने का षड़यंत्र कर रहे है। जिसका परिणाम भयंकर होगा।
    म० ज० फोरम अध्यक्ष उपेन्द्र यादव की यह मान्यता है कि बड़े तिन दल के नेता राष्ट्र को अनिर्णय की स्थिति में बंधक बनाये हुए है। इन तिन दलों के षड़यंत्र से यदि २७ मई तक संघीय गणतांत्रिक व समावेशी संविधान  न बनाने पर देश की जनता इसका हिसाब कर लेगी।
        ताम्सालिंग अध्यक्ष परशुराम तमांग की यह स्पष्ट सोच है कि देश की आदिवासी जनजाति के हक़ - हित में भाषा, संस्कृति और जाति (पहचान) के अधिकार के साथ संघीय राज्य का निर्माण ही एक मात्र विकल्प है।
      मोर्चा ने स्पष्ट और कड़े शब्दों में यह मांग रखा है कि सरकार द्वारा विगत समय में मधेश, लिम्बुवान, ताम्सालिंग, थारुहत स्वायत प्रदेश पहचान के साथ बनाने की समय समय पर हुए आंदोलनरत समूहों के साथ सहमति और समझौता का इमानदारी के पूर्वक पालन हो।
          मोर्चा ने दुसरे चरण में १५ दलों के मधेशी सभासदों ने उपेन्द्र यादव की अध्यक्षता में सात
 सदस्यीय समिति का निर्माण हुआ। जो एक साझा अवधारना  का ड्राफ्ट तैयार कर प्रधानमंत्री और संविधान सभा को सौपेंगी।

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पाकिस्तान से ......Converted Hindu girls choose to live with husbands-SC

From Pakistan..
It is no wonder that the same is true of Pakistan and Islam
Converted Hindu girls choose to live with husbands-SC

Three Hindu girls Rinkle Kumari, Dr Lata and Asha, who after conversion to Islam are known as Rinkle Kumari ( Faryal Bibi), Dr Lata ( Dr Hafsa) and Asha ( Haleema Bibi), on Wednesday decided to live with their husbands.
" Talking to Daily Times, Member Provincial Assembly (MPA) Saleem Rasheed said that it would be better had the court recorded the girls’ statements in open court because “Faryal and Hafsa wanted to go with their parents at the last hearing”. Therefore, he added, doubts would remain in the parents’ minds. He said that women from the minority community were being treated like cattle."
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श्रीलंका से ...... 'Say No to communal card’

From SreeLanka
'Say No to communal card’
Politicians have to put a full stop to communal & ethnic politics & commence national politics to solve ethnic issue, Presidential coordinator for the Batticaloa district and Batticaloa Sri Lanka Freedom Freedom Party organiser, Arun Thambimuttu said.

“We have to groom national level politicians who do not play the ethnic card to come to power and stay in power,” he told the Daily News yesterday.

Thambimuttu said almost all politicians in the country played the ethnic card in the past, to come to power and stay in power.

Commenting on the devolution of power, Thambimuttu stressed the importance of avoiding devolving power between ethnicities.

“Devolving power among ethnicities creates suspicion and it can be biased at times. The power should be given to the people at grassroot level and not to certain ethnicities or provinces,” he said.

“Power should be granted to each district allowing the people to solve their own problems within their villages without traveling to the centre of the province. People living in Colombo think that other parts of the country are outstation and the people living in other parts of the country think that Colombo is outstation.

This is the reality,” Thambimuttu said.

“It is unfortunate that yet, some politicians, especially a former Sri Lankan President, plays the ethnic card to communicate certain ‘messages’ to the outside world and the international community. A former Sri Lankan President said in India recently that the Sinhala people are not against devolving power. This clearly shows how the ethnic card is still being played in politics,” he added.
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नेपाल से ......Final draft of Madhesi concerns awaits today's meet

From Nepal.....
 Final draft of Madhesi concerns awaits today's meet

A 7-member task force led by Chairman of Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Nepal Upendra Yadav to prepare a draft of Madhesi concerns has called a meeting in Singha Durbar for Thursday afternoon to discuss the Madhesi lawmakers’ concern before finalizing the draft

Madhes-based leaders are all-equipped to prepare a final draft of Madhesi concerns to unitedly bring up the issues of Madhes autonomy and inclusion-- as guaranteed by the Interim Constitution-- and to pressurise the major parties to value the past pacts inked with the Madhes.

A seven-member task force led by Chairman of Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Nepal Upendra Yadav to prepare a draft of Madhesi concerns has called a meeting in Singha Durbar for Thursday afternoon to discuss the Madhesi lawmakers’ concern before finalizing the draft.

The final draft would be submitted to the PM and other authorities concerned, said Ram Rijhan Yadav, PM’s Press Advisor and a member of the newly created task force to echo Madhesi MPs concerns.

Madhesi lawmakers have been warning the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and UCPN-M of stir and agitations if Madhes was mixed with non-Madhes regions while federating the country in the process of state reconstructing.

The government has signed 22-point, eight-point and four-point agreements with the Madhesi forces in different intervals of time.

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भूटान से ....100 years of modern education

From Bhutan.......

100 years of modern education

Education in Bhutan will turn a new page on May 2 next month. The day, which is observed as the teachers day will mark the start of a year – long celebration of Bhutan’s journey in the last 100 years of modern education.
The Sherig Centenary Celebrations will begin on May 2 at the Nazoen Pelri hall in Thimphu and ripple across the country before it ends on February 21 next year at Ugyen Dorji Higher Secondary High school in Haa.

Education minister Thakur S Powdyel said the centenary of education means Bhutan has completed a full circle.

Education came to Bhutan in waves with monastic education being the first wave that helped in the formation of a national, spiritual and cultural identity.

“The second educational wave is the modern, western style, English medium, liberal education wave that gained prominence in the mid of the century more towards the beginning of the 60s,” lyonpo said.

Records with the ministry show that the first school started in Haa in 1913.

“We feel that the last 100 years has been extremely significant for Bhutan and what Bhutan is today is largely thanks to the contribution that education has made,” lyonpo said. “Today we are a dynamic, confident, forward looking nation, and where we have come has been very largely guided and supported by education.”

Education officials said it is a very important program and the whole country has the responsibility to take it forward. “When we celebrate Sherig Century, we are celebrating both the objective life and subjective life of our nation,” the minister said. “The centenary of education is the centenary of the march of Bhutan.”
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भूटान से ........Switch parties, stay in race

Switch parties, stay in race

Your party might get knocked out during the primary round of the National Assembly election, but that doesn’t mean your chances end there.

You can hop to a party that makes it to the general round and contest.

“You’re allowed to do so, provided there’s a formal consent produced from both the political parties concerned,” chief election commissioner, Dasho Kunzang Wangdi, in an email interview, said.

The rule is highlighted in section 209 of the election Act.

It states that a person, who is a member of a registered political party, which could not qualify for the general election, can be admitted as a member, and nominated by a political party to contest as a candidate in the general round.

The person should, however, surrender his membership with the original political party.

But that does not mean political parties need not have all 47 candidates in place to contest the primary round, where all registered parties will contest.

“A political party in Bhutan is advised to have among its registered members an acceptable number of members, who are potential candidates, for National Assembly elections, ” Dasho Kunzang Wangdi said. “A number not less than the number of constituencies.”

The Act required a political party, while submitting the “letter of intent”, to include a tentative list of candidates that it may field in the general election.

“It’s also in the interest of the party that, during the election campaign for the primary round for a particular constituency itself, the electorates can identify their likely representative in Parliament,” he said.

Meanwhile, “acceptable number”, one official explained, also meant, not just in terms of figures but having “capable” candidates with an ability to handle responsibilities after winning a seat in Parliament.

The commission takes about a month, scrutinising in detail, the party charter, cross-checking the background of each candidate listed and ensuring the party is realistic, among others.

Chief election commissioner said the special provision ensures better choice for the electorate, in case the popular candidate of a specific constituency is in a party that doesn’t receive the highest or second highest number of votes nationwide.

“It’s important to note that elections aren’t intended to help political parties have candidates,” he said. “Rather, it’ll recognise political parties that have potential to field most qualified number of candidates to contest assembly elections.”

He said, if a party doesn’t have an adequate number of potential candidates as registered members, it may have difficulty in proving that it is going to be able to offer choice of any utility in serving the Bhutanese democracy.

Members of the political parties in the making agree.

“Although primary round is about getting the party elected, people voting against the logo of the parties, it is mainly the candidates and the leadership the votes will be based on,” a member of one of the upcoming parties said.

The member, who did not want himself or his party to be named, said the candidates were the only way for electorates to connect to the party.

“That is why, despite all difficulties, we’re on a look out for good candidates,” he said.

A representative from another new party said a party without a complete set of candidates could signal its weakness, subsequently narrowing the chance for that party to go to the general round.

“But a candidate joining a new party for general round also means he’ll have to believe and adapt to new set of ideologies and principles,” he said. “It will take that candidate a lot more to convince his voters and win their support.”
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