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Friday, 20 April 2012

भूटान से ....100 years of modern education

From Bhutan.......

100 years of modern education

Education in Bhutan will turn a new page on May 2 next month. The day, which is observed as the teachers day will mark the start of a year – long celebration of Bhutan’s journey in the last 100 years of modern education.
The Sherig Centenary Celebrations will begin on May 2 at the Nazoen Pelri hall in Thimphu and ripple across the country before it ends on February 21 next year at Ugyen Dorji Higher Secondary High school in Haa.

Education minister Thakur S Powdyel said the centenary of education means Bhutan has completed a full circle.

Education came to Bhutan in waves with monastic education being the first wave that helped in the formation of a national, spiritual and cultural identity.

“The second educational wave is the modern, western style, English medium, liberal education wave that gained prominence in the mid of the century more towards the beginning of the 60s,” lyonpo said.

Records with the ministry show that the first school started in Haa in 1913.

“We feel that the last 100 years has been extremely significant for Bhutan and what Bhutan is today is largely thanks to the contribution that education has made,” lyonpo said. “Today we are a dynamic, confident, forward looking nation, and where we have come has been very largely guided and supported by education.”

Education officials said it is a very important program and the whole country has the responsibility to take it forward. “When we celebrate Sherig Century, we are celebrating both the objective life and subjective life of our nation,” the minister said. “The centenary of education is the centenary of the march of Bhutan.”