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Friday, 20 April 2012

श्रीलंका से ...... 'Say No to communal card’

From SreeLanka
'Say No to communal card’
Politicians have to put a full stop to communal & ethnic politics & commence national politics to solve ethnic issue, Presidential coordinator for the Batticaloa district and Batticaloa Sri Lanka Freedom Freedom Party organiser, Arun Thambimuttu said.

“We have to groom national level politicians who do not play the ethnic card to come to power and stay in power,” he told the Daily News yesterday.

Thambimuttu said almost all politicians in the country played the ethnic card in the past, to come to power and stay in power.

Commenting on the devolution of power, Thambimuttu stressed the importance of avoiding devolving power between ethnicities.

“Devolving power among ethnicities creates suspicion and it can be biased at times. The power should be given to the people at grassroot level and not to certain ethnicities or provinces,” he said.

“Power should be granted to each district allowing the people to solve their own problems within their villages without traveling to the centre of the province. People living in Colombo think that other parts of the country are outstation and the people living in other parts of the country think that Colombo is outstation.

This is the reality,” Thambimuttu said.

“It is unfortunate that yet, some politicians, especially a former Sri Lankan President, plays the ethnic card to communicate certain ‘messages’ to the outside world and the international community. A former Sri Lankan President said in India recently that the Sinhala people are not against devolving power. This clearly shows how the ethnic card is still being played in politics,” he added.