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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Nepal bans one-day trip to Khasa upon Chinese request

From 4 to 25 November entry of air is also prohibited in China.

Nepal bans one-day trip to Khasa upon Chinese request
Nepali authorities banned one-day trip to Khasa, small Tibetan bazaar bordering Sindhupalchowk district, in view of Chinese Communist Party's 18th congress starting from November 8.
Chinese authority had been issuing one-day permit to Nepali travelers visiting Khasa.
"We have prohibited one-day trip to Khasa effective from November 4 to 25 upon the request of Chinese authority," Sindhupalchok DSP Pratap Gurung told Kathmandu-based Ujyalo FM. However, entry to Khasa for passport holders will remain open.
The five-yearly meeting of the Chinese Communist Party is the most important political event in China where some 2,270 delegates will choose a new 350-strong Central Committee to make party policy decisions for the next five years.