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Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Advani-Modi relationship

The Advani-Modi relationship 

June 16, 2002: Union Home Minister L.K. Advani expresses “satisfaction” over the performance of the Narendra Modi administration in rehabilitating Gujarat riot victims
September 20, 2002: Deputy Prime Minister Advani rejects Modi’s “Hum paanch, hamaare pachees”, a slur against minorities, saying the comment was unbecoming of a Chief Minister

October 8, 2002: Advani says, “It is not sufficient to win elections... it must prove its worth to the people by ensuring good governance”, at the “sankalp sammelan” of the Gujarat unit of the BJP. “Go for self-introspection and accept your mistakes,” he adds for good measure.

April 1, 2004: Deputy Prime Minister Advani says he will expect everyone to maintain dignity during electioneering, an indirect reference to Modi who claimed during electioneering that 20 shopkeepers were asked if they would employ Ms. Gandhi as a clerk but all replied in the negative, according to a "survey conducted in Nadiad." 
March 13, 2005: Advani, clearly sends out a signal to his party dissidents in Gujarat that he is not in a mood to listen to their grievances against the Gujarat Chief Minister. Virtually ruling out a change of leadership, Mr. Advani tells one of the TV channels that Gujarat was “one of the best administered States” and that some MLAs in the BJP were unhappy only with Modi's “working style”.

Apr 16, 2006: “It is a sad day for our democracy as Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was forced to go on a hunger strike to quench the thirst of his people and in defence of raising the height of the Narmada dam already permitted by the apex court,” says Advani commenting on Modi's hunger strike on Narmada dam. File photo: