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Thursday, 1 August 2013

MDP calls for protest agaist Nasheed's arrest

MDP calls for protest agaist Nasheed's arrest

Opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) today called for protest against the arrest of former President Mohamed Nasheed.
Speaking during a press conference party’s Chairperson and Hulhu-henveiru constituency MP Moosa ‘Reeko’ Manik stressed that the Hulhumale Magistrate Court was illegal and hence Police should not obey an order issued by the court.

“We have continuously urged for an opportunity to determine the legitimacy of this court. We are asking for the opportunity to determine the questions we have through the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, High Court and the other courts,” Moosa detailed.

He further alleged that the government and the State institutions have made it personal against MDP and warned that the situation of the country could deteriorate if Nasheed is subject to any form of mistreatment or torture while in custody. On that note, Moosa labeled Nasheed’s arrest as an action to ill-treat the MDP Presidential candidate using the powers of the State as he cannot be defeated in an election.

When asked whether MDP would stymie the Parliament, Moosa said such a decision would be made by the party’s Parliamentary group. He added that in addition to the Parliament, information of the events was being shared with the international community.

Dhihdhoo constituency MP Ahmed Sameer also echoed Moosa’s statement by adding that Police cannot implement an order issued by the Hulhumale Court. He expressed disappointment over the lack of action by the Supreme Court to stop the Police.

Sameer further expressed concern for Nasheed’s well being after he was taken into Police custody from Gaaf Dhall Atoll Faresmathoda this morning. He vowed to submit the matter to the relevant Committees of the Parliament.

Parliament today rejected the emergency motion submitted by Moosa questioning the legitimacy of the Hulhumale Court and to ignore the arrest warrant issued by the court against Nasheed.

Speaker of Parliament Abdulla Shahid explained today that the motion was dismissed as the creation of the Hulhumale Court was currently being probed by the Supreme Court. According to Article 149 of the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, an emergency motion cannot be submitted in relation to a matter ongoing in a court of law.

Moosa also stressed that MDP wishes to move forward peacefully and urged the authorities against stymieing the peaceful protests of the party.