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Friday, 22 November 2013

Security on high alert in response to protests against Rawalpindi unrest

Security on high alert in response to protests against Rawalpindi unrest

Religious parties on Friday protested across Pakistan against the sectarian clashes in Rawalpindi on Muharram 10, Express News reported.
Business activities were suspended in a few cities.
Twin cities
The capital’s Red Zone was sealed with the help of containers while roads leading to the Civil Secretariat and Prime Minister House were completely blocked.
The city was put on high alert amidst security threats.
Schools remained close in Rawalpindi and markets wore a deserted look.
The provincial government has ordered strict inspection at the entry and exit points of Lahore and deployed more than 10,000 security personnel in the city.
Police contingents were placed at mosques, imambargahs and other important places. The government has also decided to block routes near sensitive religious places during Friday prayers.
Law enforcement agencies were put on high alert in the province, while multiple routes in Karachi were blocked with containers.
Educational institutions working under Private Schools Management Association remained closed. Though missionary schools operated as usual.
Lawyers also boycotted court proceedings today in protest.
K-P, Balochistan
Provincial governments took strict security measures to ensure peace while people protest against the Rawalpindi incident.
Complete shutter-down strike was observed in Quetta city and economic activities remained suspended.