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Monday, 1 April 2013

More Afghan children killed in NATO air strike

More Afghan children killed in NATO air strike

Two children were killed on Saturday in a NATO air strike gone wrong.
A NATO helicopter supporting Afghan security forces killed the children and nine suspected Taliban fighters.
Afghan police, who had had been patrolling in the southeastern town of Ghazni, called in the fire power when they came under attack.
A helicopter piloted by a member of the International Security Assistance Forces then supported the Afghan unit with direct fire.
The coalition is now investigating the reports of civilian casualties.
The latest civilian deaths are bound to affect the relationship between foreign forces and the Afghanistan government.
Last month President Hamid Karzai put a ban on local troops calling for foreign air support.
He also forbade NATO from striking in Afghan villages.
Many people in Afghanistan blame NATO air strikes for civilian deaths after a recent incident in which Afghan forces called in a strike that killed 10 civilians