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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Exams held in woods to prevent cheating

Updated: 2014-05-05 14:22(
Exams held in woods to prevent cheating

Students at Chengfeng School in Jingzhou, Hubei province take their mid-term exams in a wood, April 27, 2014. Since the weather was good,
the students were able to enjoy a exam taking environment, said a Sina report citing a teacher at the school. the distance between the students also served as a preventative measure against cheating, according to the teacher. [Photo by Weibo user Life nfen]
But it is true that the school  has no any shed or building. It is Chinese Education.
Students at Chengfeng School in JingzhouHubei province take their mid-term exams in a woodApril 27, 2014. Sincethe weather was goodthe students were able to enjoy a exam-taking environmentsaid a Sina report citing a teacherat the schoolThe occasion marked the first time the school held outdoor examsand the distance between thestudents also served as a preventative measure against cheatingaccording to the teacher. [Photo by Weibo userLifenfen]