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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Selective Global Tolerance V Intolerance Debate

Selective Global Tolerance V Intolerance  Debate
By- O. P. Sudrania

Problem with BJP politicians is that they don't see the global realities and perspectives working against them on racial and religious bias. Western nations are highly cunning and clever people compared to their Islamic counterparts. They discover nice hideous ingenious strategies to intrude in other sovereign and democratic countries that are difficult to smell by the unwary folks. India is such one most vulnerable State with her majority Hindu population that both major proselytising industries want to pounce upon. They devise means and methods to oppress them by any tactics.

BJP needs to develop her own Indian media strategy to counter these alien oriented media in India those are inimical and deadly for Indian majority by default Hindus. Congress had always exploited Muslim volatile sensitive psyche by infusing fear syndrome in Muslims against Hindus as it works easily on the desired occasions of votes during elections. Congress regimes mostly depended upon polarising the voters on communal grounds and even incited violence for the same purpose. This technique was discovered, used and perpetuated by Nehru himself and is continued till date. But Indian media savvy Congress never got hit by our friendly Indian media. Only one deliberate preplanned Godhra massacre by Congress Islamist henchmen was so much advertised in media non stop, especially in international English media to malign Modi and the same psychological Goebbelsian propagandas are carried on but hiding the initial massacre of Hindu pilgrims starkly.

BJP needs to project her positive achievements publicly as well as needs to counter the deadly antitheses by the hostile media in our midst. No media has thus far highlighted the misery of Kashmiri Pandits and the atrocities committed by Baptist fundamentalist Church in North Eastern Indian States of Nagaland, Mizoram, etc.

Here are some of the achievements of Modi led government that are not being shown in mainstream Indian media but keep harping on negatively to project silly artificially manufactured sentimental hypes like "Intolerance" when all else has left vacuum in political agendas to stay in limelight in media.