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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Crude joke: Rehman Malik says Taliban not serious about talks

Crude joke: Rehman Malik says Taliban not serious about talks

File photo of Rehman Malik. PHOTO: APP/FILE
ISLAMABAD: In a week when calls on the government for taking the Taliban up on their offer of talks have risen, Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Saturday dismissed any such prospects, claiming the militants did not have a serious or sincere attitude on holding talks with the government.
Talking to media in Islamabad, Malik said the Taliban have nominated Adnan Rashid, a proclaimed offender, for holding talks with the government on their behalf. Rashid, Malik said, had run away from police custody.
The minister further said that TTP spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan has no credibility, adding that Taliban cannot befool the Pakistani nation by such jokes.
Malik pointed out that all statements by the Taliban that seem to be made on the directions by someone else as they don’t seem to be that of the TTP. However, the minister appreciated the offer of talks with Taliban before the general elections and termed it as a good omen.
Malik once again urged the militants to give up violence, the oft stated precondition to talks.
“If they believe in Pakistan’s sovereignty, they must stop killing innocent people,” he said, adding that the murder of one innocent person was like killing the whole of humanity.
Responding to a question, he said that the Taliban had first threatened to kill Tahirul Qadri, but three days later, they denied their statement.
Responding a question about providing the security to the international players during Pakistan Super League, he said, “We are a cricket loving nation and will leave no stone unturned to provide foolproof security to all the players”.
He assured all the players would really enjoy playing in Pakistan as they will have good crowd.