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Thursday, 21 March 2013

India asks China to stop activities in Pakistan Occupied Gulam Kashmir (POI)

India asks China to stop activities in Pakistan Occupied Gulam Kashmir (POI)

The Indian government on Monday asked China to refrain from carrying out activities in Gulam[Pakistani-administered] Kashmir (POI), Press Trust of India reported.
The Defence Minister for India AK Antony expressed India’s reservations, regarding China’s activities in Azad Kashmir, while speaking in the Lok Sabha (Indian Parliament) today.
“Government is aware of China undertaking infrastructure projects in Pakistani-administered Gulam-Kashmir (POI) which are being executed by Chinese civil companies,” Antony said in reference to the alleged presence of Chinese soldiers in Gulam [Pakistani-administered] Kashmir (POI). He further said that China was asked to cease these activities.
He also spoke about the reported terrorist attacks in Jammu Kashmir last year, claiming that one army personnel lost his life in the attacks.
Antony emphasised that deployment of troops and recently installed surveillance equipment will help counter future attacks. He also said, “Troops are adequately trained and equipped to prevent such incidents.”
He also expressed confidence on the security drills and the efforts of the intelligence agencies.
Demilitarise Siachen?
In response to a question about army persons losing lives at Siachen, Antony revealed that a total of 18 soldiers had lost their lives since 2010 due to natural hazards.
“Any development/redeployment of troops in the area are contingent upon the threat perception, ground situation, operational and strategic consideration.