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Monday, 4 March 2013

Balochs take their voice to White House doorstepu

Balochs take their voice to White House doorstepunday 3rd March, 2013

A peaceful protest rally is being organized by the Baloch community in North America in front of the White House to draw the attention of the Obama administration towards the ongoing military operations, human right violations, arbitrary arrests, extra-judicial killings, disappearances and genocide in Balochistan.

"The Obama Administration must also take note of the brazen and unmindful exploitation of Baloch resources by Pakistan and Iran to fill their coffers, strengthen their might and unleash a reign of terror on the poor Baloch people, with the help of China", said Dr. Wahid Baloch, the organizer of the rally and the President of Baloch Society of North America, a Washington D.C based Baloch human right organization, dedicated to highlight the plights of Baloch peole and human right violations in Balochistan by Pakistan and Iran.
"Balochistan is going through the most critical time in its history. The Pakistani aggression is at its peak. The occupying forces of Pakistan have recently intensified their military operations in Balochistan", he added.
"Target killings, arrests, kidnappings and raids on Baloch houses have increased manifold. Ironically, they are doing it in the name of responding to the sectarian killings orchestrated by jihadi/sectarian groups transplanted in Balochistan to spread Islamic radicalism as a counter to Baloch nationalism," he said.
Over the past two years more than seven hundreds of bodies of "Baloch missing persons" detained without charge by Pakistan security forces have been found across Balochistan.
Balochistan, an independent sovereign state, was occupied and forcefully annexed into Pakistan by Pakistani army in 1948 against the Baloch people's will and mandate. The Baloch people are resisting the Pakistan illegal occupation of their homeland and exploitation of their natural resources from the day one and are resolve to 'free' their motherland from illegal occupation by Pakistan.