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Friday, 1 March 2013

QUETTA, Face Yet Another Pogrom But Selfish Politicians Of Pakistan Are Silent

QUETTA, Face Yet Another Pogrom But Selfish Politicians Of Pakistan Are Silent

The capital of Balochistan once again soaked with blood of innocent people and this time again it was Hazaras which came under the despicable attack.At least 73 people hailing from this Shia minority community were killed while more than 180 others seriously wounded in the massive blast on Saturday atKirani Roadnear Hazara Town of Quetta.

The deadly bombing comes after 36 days of Governor Rule in Balochistan that was imposed following Alamdar Road’s twin bombings on Jan 10 in Quettawhich had claimed more than 100 lives of Hazara people.The blast occurred when the people were busy in purchasing daily items at a market. DIG Operation Wazir Khan Nasir said that the blast was carried out through a remote controlled device and about 800 to 1000 kilogramme explosive material was used in it.

The blast was so powerful that it made the entire city to tremble as the thud was heard as far as 5 kilometres from the site. A plaza was ruined. More than two dozen other shops, 25 vehicles and rickshaws were also badly damaged. Windowpanes of dozens of houses were scattered.  Life remained paralysed in Quetta on Sunday to mourn the loss of 85 Hazaras who became victims of a deadly suicide blast and People of Hazara hold off Mass Burial till Military Acts.

But the Stupid, Selfish and Corrupt Politicians of all Political Parties are kept Silent they don't care what is going in Pakistan people are dying on daily basis but they have paying no heed on any matter what so ever they just fulfill their greedy requirement and need again the chair of regime.

Curse on Pakistani Politicians.where is Pakistan People Party ?where is Pakistan Muslim League N ?who those claim that they truly love with Pakistani people why they are sleeping now where are your promises which You always made during your speches and before elections.

Curse on All Political Parties of Pakistan.