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Friday, 13 September 2013

800 + Pakistanis in United Arab Emirates prisons

800 + Pakistanis in United Arab Emirates prisons

Around 8,000 Pakistani nationals are being held in the jails of different countries, including 386 in neighbouring India, officials said on Tuesday.
Briefing the Senate's Standing Committee on the Interior Ministry, officials of the Foreign Ministry said the charges against the Pakistanis ranged from terrorism, murder, illegal stay, rape, smuggling to theft and visa violations.

Saudi Arabia topped the list of countries holding Pakistanis, with 1,920 prisoners. It is followed by the United Arab Emirates, where 800 Pakistanis have been incarcerated. The number of Pakistanis in India jails is 386, the officials said.

Most of them have been charged with violation of visa and immigration laws. The panel was informed that 346 Pakistanis were in Afghan jails on charges of terrorism, smuggling and other crimes.

Among Western countries, Britain has imprisoned the maximum Pakistanis with 335 in its jails. In the US, the number of Pakistanis in jail is 102.

A Foreign Ministry official said some EU nations have not provided the number of Pakistani prisoners.

The briefing came in the wake of media reports that the Pakistan government had abandoned its nationals jailed in various countries.