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Saturday, 7 September 2013

US rebalancing its Asia-Pacific strategy: APCSS

 US rebalancing its Asia-Pacific strategy: APCSS
KATHMANDU, Sept 7: Lieutenant General (Ret) Dan Leaf, director of Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS), on Saturday stressed that the US is rebalancing its strategy in Asia-Pacific region. 

Addressing an interaction on “The US rebalance in the Asia Pacific and implication for Nepal and South Asia,” organized by APCSS Alumni Association in the capital, Lt Gen Dan focused his speech on the rebalancing strategy. He said, “In changing world, balance of power is must and the US has to be ready of a deterrent military policy towards Asia.” 

As this region has become a center for economic interdependence, the two countries have to opt for mutual comfort rather than distrust and vulnerabilities, he added.
“Containment was US policy toward the Soviet Union during the Cold war and we don´t seek the cold war situation with China now,” he said addressing a question. 

Time has changed and currently we are trying to facilitate China´s economic modernization and integration into the international system and reexamining the relations with China, he said.

In the program, former Finance Minister Prakash Chandra Lohani highlighted on the role of Nepal being at the center of the two economically emerging countries --India and China -- and the effects of US rebalancing its military strategy. 

“If regional institutions of the SAARC countries will be able to strengthen their relations in terms of economy and security, they can make benefits from the US rebalancing strategy and can hold good positions,” he added.

Former Inspector General of Armed Police Force (APF) Sanat Kumar Basnet also highlighted the role of Asia-Pacific Region as the new hub for the global prosperity and economic growth. 
The newly formed Alumni Association was registered under the leadership of Senior Advocate Sushil Kumar Panta.