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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Indian boy marries Pakistani girl

Indian boy marries Pakistani girl

The occasion was the wedding of 27-year old Pakistani Samiya Siddiq, daughter of Shazia Siddiq, with 25-year-old Kanav Partap Hoon, grandson of Lt Gen Prem Nath Hoon (retd). Fifty-year-old Shazia Siddiq is widow of Mian Muhammand Siddiq and resides in Karachi.
Gen Hoon is the recipient of the PVSM, AVSM, and SM. He was also Commander-in-Chief of India's Western Command that has been in the forefront of all the wars against Pakistan.
The marriage ceremony was kept completely secret by the families.
Both Samiya and Kanav live in London. While Kanav has business interests in London, Samiya runs business establishments in London and Dubai. It was Kasav who had proposed.
The Hoons are a Kashmiri Brahmin family migrated frm Abbotabad and now settled in Panchkula. Kaav’s father, Romi, runs an automobile business selling Skoda cars and Honda motorcycles in Chandigarh.
The wedding was attended by 35 resplendently dressed guests, mostly relatives and friends of the bride, who had arrived from Pakistan via the Attari-Wagha border. Samiya looked gorgeous in her wedding dress.
Among the prominent dignitaries from Pakistan included Aliya Ahmed and her daughter Khadijah.
Photographers were not allowed to go near the newly-weds or the Pakistani guests.
Among the invitees included Indian Army officers, bureaucrats, police officers and politicians. Former Haryana chief minister Om Prakash Chautala paid a visit to the couple for a few minutes.
From the Ball Room, the bride was brought up to the gate of the hotel in a Palki specially designed for the occasion. The bride’s cousin, Ayaz Ali, and others dressed in blue salwar kameez suits carried the palki to the exit gate of the hotel. While one Dholi was present, beating the drum to the tip-toeing beats of the bhangra, no one danced. The Pakistani guests bade farewell to Samiya with only tears in their eyes.
As soon as Samiya stepped out of the palki, she was hustled immediately into a car by security personnel that sped away to an undisclosed venue, leaving behind her maasi who was supposed to accompany her.
Though the bride and groom refused to talk to the media, Lt Gen Hoon came forth to clear the rumour that the girl belongs to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family. “It is a lie. People should do their homework (before making such statements),” he said.

On getting a Pakistani bride for his grandson, Lt Gen Hoon remarked, “It is a good development that relations are being tied across the border,” and added, “People across the border should meet often. .

The former commander of Indian Army’s Western Command, Lt Gen Hoon was heading 15 Corps regiment when India took over the highest battlefield in the world, Siachen. Operation Meghdoot was the codename of the military exercise undertaken to capture Siachen and launched on April 13, 1984.