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Friday, 7 September 2012

Promotion quota will fill 16k posts


Promotion quota will fill 16k posts

If the proposed legislation providing reservation to SCs and STs in promotion in government jobs gets the mandatory Parliament nod, it will pave the way for filling as many as 16,864 vacancies in central services.
These vacancies were supposed to be filled through promotion to members of SC and ST community, but pendency persisted in the absence of clarity in policy.

Officials in the ministry of personnel believe that the removal of term "inadequate representation" through amending Article 16 (4) of the Constitution will help clear those backlogs. Though vacancies exist under the direct recruitment category, the number of vacancies is more under the promotion category of the SCs and STs in the absence of "qualifying data" on the basis of which promotions could be granted.

"The legislative action will now obviate the need for qualifying data. It will end uncertainties with regard to methodology for deciding the promotion. It will be easier for the government to fill the backlogs," said an official.

Government statistics shows that 7,500 vacancies of SCs were filled in central jobs from November, 2008, to January, 2012, as against vacancies numbering 14,110. Similarly in case of STs, only 6,667 posts were filled through promotion as against the vacancies of 16,921 during the period. Official figures show that the number of vacancies under the promotion category for SCs and STs has consistently been on the rise because more people from these groups had joined the central government jobs over the years.