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Sunday, 11 October 2015

What the people of Pakistan, Islamabad and Pakistani Islamic cleric will accept the bare truth

Fauzia Saeed
What the people of Pakistan, Islamabad and Pakistani Islamic cleric will accept the bare truth

Pakistanis Are Basically Hindus, Pakistani Lady Scholar Admits

A brave Pakistani lady scholar boldly states what many Indians won't.
In a landmark confession of truth, an enlightened Muslim intellectual, Fauzia Syed, declared during a discussion on a television channel that all Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims are essentially Hindus, and that in rare cases, they might be Buddhists.
The lady activist lamented that a lot of Muslims, mainly Pakistani and Bangladeshi, have a hard time accepting the fact that their ancestors were Hindus who were converted by force of sword to Islam. The gutsy lady said this in a live television show while responding to the argument of radical Pakistani Muslim preacher Zaid Hamid.
Syed’s bold assertion of the truth is a clarion call to Hindus to wake up from slumber and re-educate and enlighten the Muslims of the sub-continent about their ancestry and massacres of their forefathers. Unfortunately till now, no Hindu has responded to her wakeup call.
Explaining her viewpoint lucidly, Fauzia said that most Pakistani Muslims believe they are the offspring of the Muslim invaders who came attacking the sub-continent from Muslim lands. But this is an unalloyed falsehood. Any person having a hint of common sense would know that the ancestors of more than 99 percent Pakistanis were Hindus. Unfortunately, Pakistan does not want to admit the bitter truth, nor are the Pakistanis prepared to hear it, she averred.
One simply marvels at the extensively propagated falsehood that Pakistani Muslims are progeny of Arab or Turk invaders. Equally dumb is the assertion that the forefathers of today’s Muslims in Pakistan and India were converted by Sufi saints. Anyone who reads the history of the sub-continent objectively would know that lakhs of Hindus were killed and forcibly converted by Muslim invaders on pain of death. The deep blood relationship between the Muslims and Hindus of the sub-continent is further reinforced by the fact that many surnames like Cheema, Bajwa, Ghakhar, Sethi and also Sehgal (or Saigols) are common to both communities.
Among other things, Fauzia pointed out that it is not wrong to call Pakistan a terrorist state because it has been sheltering terrorists for a long time. The truth was exposed when Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by American
It is indeed a sign of the dumbness of Hindu society that this bold Pakistani human rights activist has not been invited to speak in India and interact with the intellectuals, media analysts and common citizens about her incontrovertible true statement on a Pakistani television channel. In any case, the matter deserves the focused attention of the Hindu intelligentsia.
It is not late even now to invite Fauzia Syed to India for a meaningful ‘samvad’ at the India International Centre, New Delhi and then to make her address the Indians in various parts of the country. The opportunity should not be missed and Fauzia Syed must be invited to India for sharing her views with Hindus and Muslims of India. The failure of Hindu society in ignoring the bold and truthful assertion by Fauzia Syed confirms that we continue to be somnolent.
An honest reappraisal of the common heritage of India and Pakistan will totally support Fauzia Syed’s assertion. For centuries, geographically as well as politically, Bharat, i.e., India, included the entire landmass from Bactria (known as Vaahlik Pradesh), the entire Afghanistan, the present day Pakistan, today’s Bharat (i.e., India) and the whole of Bangladesh.
The indescribable savagery of the Muslim invaders unleashed against Hindus of the sub-continent was highlighted by the well known historian, Will Durant, in his book, The Story of Civilization, in the following words:
“The Mohammadan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precarious thing, whose delicate complex of order and liberty, culture and peace may at any time be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within.”
Thus, the bold assertion of Fauzia Syed that the Hindus of Pakistan, nay of the entire sub-continent, were forcibly converted to Islam by sword is absolutely correct. It is time that the gory narrative of the slaughter of Hindu forbears of today’s Pakistani Muslims is brought out of closet and debated publicly by inviting the braveheart Pakistani lady scholar to India.